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Who We Are And What We Do

We are here to help you achieve the most out of your business by delivering services which will open new possibilities and allow you to work effectively and creatively. We provide Software Migration and Modernization, Software Product Development, IT Services, Maintenance and Support.

Our strength lies in our ability to build long lasting two way relationships which are mutually beneficial and that the services that we can offer will assist a company in its deployment and utilization of business solutions.


Many organizations are still running large COBOL and/or ADABAS/Natural® applications that were developed more than 30 years ago. The high maintenance costs and lack of ADABAS/Natural® developers is causing companies to look at migration routes to more modern technologies. As companies try to leverage the tremendous investment they have made in their existing ADABAS/Natural® applications, they face a formidable challenge.

Our DBMSMigrator for COBOL and/or ADABAS/Natural® is the answer: a cutting-edge, high-efficiency solution for migrating from ADABAS/Natural® to RDBMS/Java or C#.NET. The use of an automated migration has many benefits compared to the alternative of rewriting the application and losing most of the past investment. The data structure is migrated to a relational model, keeping all the connections and dependences, while enabling excellent performance. The new Java or C#.NET application maintains the content and structure of the original Natural application. This cost-effective solution significantly decreases the risk, cost, and time involved, and enables current developers to continue maintaining and enhancing the migrated application. Optional destination databases are: Oracle, MS-SQL and DB2.


We provide Software Product Development where you can implement new ideas, controls and provide your customers with added value to differentiate your business. We can help you manage, develop, implement and support your product evolution.

Maintenance and Support have always been a key component in any software product. You need to keep abreast of constant changing environment and we are here to help you keep your software updated.


We can provide solutions to keep your networks, hardware and software working together in order to optimize your business potential. Get the flexibility you need to respond quickly to changing business objectives and challenges. We understand that no IT support situation is the same and with this in mind we have developed cost effective services and support solutions to accommodate varying business requirements.

At Orocron we endeavor to build long lasting relationships with our clients, and we are confident that we can provide an unparalleled service in terms of technical expertise and customer service.